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"Reducing the Impacts of Climate Change in the Cadastral Area of Kostice"

In December 2022, the municipality of Kostice, in cooperation with DSO Region Podluží, started preparations for the project "Reducing the impacts of climate change in the cadastral area Kostice", which co-financing was requested under the subsidy program "Environment, Ecosystems and Climate Change" supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, Call No. 4B Stavanger.

The total cost of the project is 20,308,865.77 CZK. In April 2023, the municipality of Kostice was allocated a subsidy in the total amount of 19,773,514.03 CZK.

As part of the project, which is based on the document "Adaptation Strategy of the Podluží Region  to Climate Change", the implementation of the following measures was proposed:

· construction of a new water reservoir in the cadastral area Kostice

· establishment of landscape greenery

· blue-green infrastructure in the  locality Padělky and near grave yard.

These measures aim to fulfill objective 1.1 "Strengthen resistance to extreme hydrological phenomena in the built-up area and in the countryside", where drought, flash floods, storms and heat waves are a real threat. More information in English here.